Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yellowstone Continued

Mule Deer
Black Bears!
Mommy and Baby Moose

We drove around and saw a bear about 100 yards away, a deer in the ditch, a cow moose with her baby (see photo) about 20 yards away, (right by our resort) two mule deer(photo), elk, and a buffalo walking along the road right by our car!! But the most exciting thing of them all... BEARS up close and personal!! See Photo!! That was so super exciting. Yesterday we went whitewater rafting. You can see the photos at then go to Mad River, then 2011, then July, then 26, then 4:30. All of those are our group. Ethan is front row center. It was fun. I was worried One of the kids or I was going to fall in the river, but we didn't. The guide said the chances of falling in or tipping is 50/50 and I panicked and wanted to back out. No one fell from our raft, but they did from the raft in front of us. It's been a lot of fun so far. I don't think I'm a "wild west outdoorsy" gal, but it's nice to vacation and visit. People here don't drive after dark and think you are nuts- two ladies told us so, if you do because there are so many moose, buffalo, elk, etc... on the road. Crazy!!

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