Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Trip to Yellowstone Begins!!

I can always tell my subconscious is getting ready for the school year at this time of the summer (even though I avoid the “back to school aisles” like the plague because I start having “school dreams”. I’ve had three in the past week. In one a gun accidently went off in my classroom, and I spent the rest of the time trying to figure out how to keep my job. The next one was about me having to teach Kindergarten again as a punishment (for what I don’t know), I had 46 students and I couldn’t pronounce many of their names. The third one I had to choose one teacher from each grade level to have to teach the rest of the year outside. With no walls, ceiling or floor. In North Dakota. That assignment was also a punishment. Usually my back to school dreams consist of something exciting like having a favorite student back, or opening up a cupboard to find shiny new supplies or curriculum aides. This year however, it’s all about me being punished, but I don’t know what for. I wish I knew what these dreams all meant. If I only knew a dream interpreter. I wonder if that’s a real job. If it is I SO want to be a dream analyzer when I grow up!! That and I’ll be a pet psychic on the side.
We are on our way to Yellowstone in Wyoming. We drove by Fairfield, ND and got our pictures taken. We also went to a dinosaur museum that had actual dinosaurs dug up from only 5 miles away in Montana! Now I know why they all say Montana is much more exciting than North Dakota, it’s the increased chance of finding a dinosaur. We’ve driven through many towns. A lot of towns in Montana like to put a letter on the mountain in the town. For example, Forsyth has an F, and if you look close it looks like an F-. Custer has a C. I really think God put the letters on the mountains giving that town a letter grade. Ethan says the C for Custer stands for cruddy.
Do you ever count to three and then start something, as in a do-over or starting NOW kind of thing? I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I’ll catch myself chewing on my thumbnail, whip my hand down and say in my head, “1- 2- 3- go!” Then BOOM, I am no longer a nail biter. Well, until I catch myself doing it again, then I’ll count all over. I’ve done it with my plan to only eat vegetables, fruits and grains but then I forget and eat a hamburger. All I have to do is say “1- 2- 3- go!” I’m a vegetarian again! I also do it with not drinking beer. I started that one on Thursday afternoon and I haven’t fallen off that wagon yet. Partly because I have a raging urinary tract infection and no hope of seeing a doctor until Monday, and that’s a big maybe, so I’m drinking nothing because it’ll make me want to pee more than I already do. See one out of three of my 1- 2- 3 plans are working. Not bad huh?

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Debbie said...

Drink a lot of water and cranberry juice.