Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Ghost in My Bathroom- And My (Maybe) Pet Cat

I'm pretty sure there is a ghost in my bathroom. I have three separate light bulbs in the bathroom. When one burns out it gets quite a bit dimmer. Today while I was taking a shower, one of the light bulbs "burned out". I need a new bulb, no big deal. I went on showering. Not even two minutes later, the radio switched from my normal FM morning show to an AM station. Weird huh? I kept on showering. Then the radio went off all together. I suddenly remembered somehow the outside electrical plug-in is connected with the bathroom electricity and it was raining... I wondered if there was a correlation. Then- the bulb came back on! As if I had the right idea! Shortly after that, my normal FM radio station came back on. All of this makes me fairly certain their must be a ghost living in my bathroom. Therrrre Heeerrrre..... Hopefully the ghost isn't all judgy when seeing me naked.
The boys have seen an orange cat around our neighborhood lately. As you may already know, orange cats are always the nicest. I love orange cats. Lots of my cats growing up were orange and they were all named, "Kitty". Even my beloved dead Big Fat Kitty was orange. Anyway, today when Ethan was getting ready to go to baseball practice we saw the kitty on the sidewalk by my house. He was headed over to the condemned house next door. I'm sure he gets his fill of mice, etc.. from there. I beckoned him over and coaxed him with some tasty dog food. He came over and even before eating he was purring! New Small Skinny Kitty loves me!! I pet him and fed him from my hand. The whole time Noah was backing away saying, "Don't do that. He might have rabies. I bet it has fleas. Quit petting him. Don't let him rub up on your legs, he's going to get his fleas on you." Seriously? Who is the parent? Obviously Noah is NOT the animal lover Ethan is. I told Noah I wanted to keep him. In my house. Noah said, "No. The dogs won't like him, and he'll be scared of the dogs. If you get a cat you should get a baby cat, not a teenage cat."  Then I told Noah I want to keep him. In my garage. Small Skinny Kitty would like my garage. He still had his claws, and the tip of his tail was gone, so it probably froze off. That means he probably doesn't belong to anyone and is a stray. I picked him up and had him tell Noah, "Let me live in your garage. I'll like it there." Then I tried to chase Noah with the cat. He ran away yelling, "PUT the cat down mom!! The 'cat' (he refused to call him Small Skinny Kitty) wants to live outside." Ya right. Like he's the cat whisperer or something. Noah is no fun at all. I let the cat go and he, Small Skinny Kitty, not Noah sat on the sidewalk and stared at our house until he got sick of it and went rat hunting next door. Maybe he'll come back everyday. Then he can be my outside Small Skinny Kitty.

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