Sunday, May 6, 2012

Most Embarrassing Moment

I'm skipping a few on "my list" to get to "My Most Embarrassing Moment" because it just happened on Friday and is fresh in my mind. First I need to set the scene. Noah was going to have a sleep-over with seven friends on Friday. That means we had to do mega house cleaning. On Thursday I picked Noah up from school and brought him home. On the way home we talked about all of the things we needed to do to clean. I figured, "it's not my friends- he can get a head start" and I had decided that morning that I had to break down and buy some spring clothes. Wearing causal summer clothes  or winter wear to school just wasn't working anymore. I dropped Noah off at home, then called Scott to tell him Noah had started cleaning and I was on my way to to mall to shop. To make the story more pleasant I'll just say I couldn't go shopping for myself, had to clean, and had to give more "notice" when there is a variation from my daily schedule.
Part two of setting the scene. I work with a guy, "Brian", who is our data specialist/reading strategist. Brian is very serious, proper and kind of fancy. He intimidates me a little. I wonder if he is from England because he uses words like "snarky" and "cheeky". My most embarrassing moment story starts here...
On Friday morning I opened my e-mail when I got to school. I had one from Brian reminding me about a special ed meeting for one of my cherubs with him and three other specialists on Tuesday after school. That message made me think I better give Scott "notice" so I started the following e-mail:

"I hope this is enough NOTICE for you. Next week I have the following going on:
Monday- School Improvement Committee Meeting from 3:00- 6:00. Tuesday- I AM going to the mall to get new clothes. Wednesday- I have a PLC meeting until 4:00, and I'm going out for a beer with the basketball moms at 7:00. Thursday- I'm free. Friday- I certainly hope I can find someone to get liquored up with because YOU DRIVE ME TO DRINK!!"
The end. Send. Feeling satisfied, I got up and welcomed my students into the classroom to start our day. Four hours later I checked my e-mail again. I received another e-mail from Brian marked "RE RE Reminder" (two replies from the original message he sent). I opened it. I read "So... We're changing the meeting to Thursday?" Oh My GOD!!! I clicked reply! NOT new message!! I immediately replied that it wasn't meant to go to him. But- to make matters worse- I couldn't send the e-mail! Our e-mail system was down!! It wasn't until lunch that I could talk to him. For five hours he thought I was a total nutcase! He even saw me twice during that time- in the hallway.  Of course I told everyone at school and now they're all asking Brian, "What did you do to drive Fairfield to drink?" "Can you tell me what Sara has going on a week from Wednesday?" I just opened up my e-mail today, Sunday, and he wrote yet another message saying, "We could have the meeting on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. My week is pretty open." Really? You aren't going shopping at the mall for new clothes, or tying one on Friday after school because the crazy lady from down the hall yells at you via e-mail?  

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